Beginning My Curly Hair Journey

Beginning My Curly Hair Journey

After SO long, I’m finally welcoming back my curls!

I’m so excited and I can’t wait for them to get back to where they used to be. I’m going to explain what my hair was like naturally, what it has been through (it’s a long list), and how it looks now! DISCLAIMER: Please ignore my old pictures. So embarrassing, but in order for you to see what my hair looks like in its most natural state, I had to go back quite a while. A while meaning 6 or 7 years, so bare with me.


So as you can see, my hair was super curly. I used to wash my hair everyday, and use a moose by Aussie to style my damp hair. It’s also pretty dark, I always thought my hair was one level away from black. Oh and the little poof you see was my every day signature hair style. Does anyone else struggle from having an overwhelming amount of baby hair? lol

My hair was curly all the way up till the beginning of my second year at college, which was the end of 2015. Up and till then my hair was always curly, and the only time I straightened it was for special occasions. I had always loved when my hair was straight, but I also really loved the fact that I had curly hair because that meant I could have the best of both worlds. After my second year of college, for some reason I got really into having straight hair. It might have been because of the fact that I was the only curly haired girl out of my friend group, but I never felt pressured into having straight hair. I just really wanted it.

I started off with getting a Keratin, thinking that was going to transform my super curly hair into a beautiful beachy wave. Safe to say that definitely did not happen. I got the Keratin a couple times, until I finally decided that I was unhappy with it. I then decided to try a Brazilian Blowout because my research said that it would be make my hair dry straight, and as you can probably guess, that didn’t happen either. The Brazilian Blowout did turn my curl into a loose wave, which I did like. However, it still wasn’t straight enough for me… Someone had informed me of the Japanese Hair Straightening Treatment, called Yuko, which literally breaks the bonds in your hair in order to let it dry stick straight right out of the shower. Finally, I had found something that made my hair silky and smooth…until my new hair started growing out. This is when the real disaster began. My hair grows really fast, and this treatment was super expensive, so it just didn’t make sense to pay $400 every three months. Once my hair started growing out, it had become too hard and time consuming to flat iron my roots so I decided to get another Brazilian Blowout. I know, what was I thinking? The Brazilian on top of the Yuko was actually able to get my hair looking straight again, making it all look uniform. I kept getting the Brazilian treatment because of the fact that my roots kept growing out and doing the treatment over and over definitely wasn’t helping the health of my hair at all. On top of all the stress that my hair was enduring, I was dying it in between everything also. To sum it up, I basically put my hair through everything you could do to damage your hair, all at once. I can totally tell a difference in not only the texture, but the fact that my hair is so weak compared to how strong it was before. It feels like half of the hair I had when it was natural. I permanently straightened my hair in 2016, and I’m still trying to grow it out now.

I have finally managed to cut most of the straightened part of my hair out, but you can see that the last couple of inches on the bottom are still straight. Not only that, but my hair isn’t really a curl anymore, it’s more of a wave. I’m sure that over the years, with proper care, I’ll be able to get it fully back in its natural state but it is going to take a lot of patience. Although I’m so beyond happy that my hair is finally getting some texture back, no matter how defined the curls are. I’m trying to put little to no heat on my hair and I’m using products that are specifically geared towards curly hair also. So far it is working out well, I’m just eagerly waiting for the rest of my hair to grow out, I wasn’t ready for a big chop.

When I had my curly hair, I had no idea that there was an entire curl community on YouTube and Instagram. I believe that knowing this would have greatly improved the chances of me deciding to leave my hair natural. I’m writing my story because I know that somewhere, someone is going through the same thing I went through and I’m hoping I can save them from making a mistake they will deeply regret. Embrace your natural hair whether it is curly, wavy, or straight! Your hair was made the way it is for a reason, and you shouldn’t take it for granted.

Are there any products that you recommend or want me to try and review to share my thoughts? Please let me know in the comments or on my Instagram! I would be happy to do a curly hair routine also <3


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