Deva Curl Super Cream VS Wave Maker

Deva Curl Super Cream VS Wave Maker

Before I found Deva Curl products, my over-processed hair would not look normal in its natural state for the life of me. Some pieces were frizzy, some pieces were totally straight. Once I finally used these products, using the scrunching method, I was able to make my hair look somewhat uniform. Nevertheless, I love the results. My favorite part about ALL Deva Curl products, aside from the fact that they actually work, is that they don’t make your hair feel crunchy, weighed down, and gross. After you apply your products and your hair is completely dry, there definitely is a crunch. If you like the crunch you can totally leave it there, but I like it when my hair feels soft. Okay, ready? Here is the best part… You can scrunch the crunch from the products completely out of your hair! How amazing is that? I had never even known this was possible. Back when my hair was all natural, I used to use mousse. I HATED mousse that made my curly hair look super crunchy, so I searched high and low to find one that would be able to hold the frizz down and still keep my hair nice and touchable. I know that a lot of people don’t know whether they should get the Wave Maker or the Super Cream, so these are my thoughts on the two and what might be better for who. For reference, if you look at my last post you’ll see that my hair used to be way curlier. I’m still in the transitioning state of natural hair, so my hair has looser curls now. It almost looks like waves. I would say that right now, my hair is 2C with some 3A pieces. Naturally my hair is probably 3A/3B, with maybe some loose pieces that would be 2C. Now that you have a little back story, let’s get into the products.

Super Cream
















This product is super moisturizing. It’s not that thick, but I would definitely say that if you have really fine or thin hair, this might weigh it down. On the back of the bottle it says that it is for “curly or super curly silky moisture, definition and control.” It definitely does give your hair a lot of moisture, which is why I think it might be too much for finer hair. I would also stay away from this if you have super soft waves, it would definitely be too much. This product smells amazing, it smells like coconuts and it makes me feel like I am on the beach sipping on a piña colada. The smell doesn’t really linger though, you can only smell it for the first few seconds. Maybe the first minute at most. After playing with this product a few times, I realized that I have a love and hate relationship with it. Some days I will put it on and my hair will turn out super frizzy. Other times my hair will just end up looking like really really loose waves. I assumed that was because it was weighing it down. Other days I get lucky and it ends up looking like this.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the other days, but it was so bad that I had to just wash it and re-style. So you can imagine how my day 2 results were. It was just super weighed down and I felt like my hair had a coconut oil hair mask in it. I still really love this product though, and I’ll tell you why. I’m almost positive that the reason Super Cream is inconsistent in my hair right now is because my hair texture is closer to wavy at the moment. Plus it’s not in the best state because it is still recovering. I’m going to hold on to this product because once my hair gets back to normal again, I think this will be my best friend. I see so many people on YouTube who have super curly hair and love this product. If that is the type of hair that you have, definitely go for it!! I just don’t think this product suits my hair at the moment.

Wave Maker

At first, the name confused me because I thought this was only meant to be used on wavy hair. When I looked more into it, I noticed that people with curlier hair than mine (at the moment), are still using this. This product is in the Texture & Volume line, while the Super Cream is in the Define & Control line, so automatically you know that this product is going to be way lighter. I actually didn’t like this the first time I used it because it made my hair feel really dry. I also never wear this alone, I always combine it with the B’Leave in and the Ultra Defining Gel. That is really how I get the best results. In terms of texture, this one is definitely more “moussey’ then the Super Cream. The Super Cream (right) feels much more creamy than the Wave Maker (left) as you can kind of see in this photo.

Wave Maker has a different scent as well, this one has a fresh scent to it which is very different than the coconut smell on Super Cream. I love the scent of both. On my hair, the Wave Maker performed way better and it was consistent. I think the fact that it is so much lighter in texture helped my hair a lot and it just feels so much more bouncy and airy. Plus, my hair lasted 3-4 days, still looking good! All I had to do is add a little bit of water to it, scrunch, and I was good to go! Because it ended up being wearable after my wash day, I actually do have a day 2 photo for you. I would definitely say to go for this product if you hair that tends to get weighed down easily! Don’t be afraid to try this if you have curly hair and want more volume as well.

Day 1: 

Day 2:

What do you think of the results? Let me know if you use any of these products and what you think about them. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Follow me on Instagram for more updates <3




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