DevaCurl Hair Routine

DevaCurl Hair Routine

Since I’ve started my curly hair journey, it has been a serious struggle trying to find products that work for my hair. I love using creams, but I don’t think my hair exactly agrees. Creams usually either weigh my hair down, or don’t have enough hold. Gel on the other hand, makes my hair super crunchy and I am definitely not a fan of that super crunchy feeling. It’s been really hard to find that perfect balance of products that help me bring the definition in my hair out of its shell and finally make its way through. Using a cream product and a hold product shortly after, has proved to give me the best results. I’ve found that out of all the products I have tried, DevaCurl has been my best bet thus far. I really do love the way that my hair looks after I use these products, however they are not completely perfect. I’ve noticed that unfortunately, the products don’t leave my hair as moisturized as I would like but I’ll go more in depth on this subject once I start talking about the products individually. If you have a similar hair texture to me, or have been through this transitional phase of your journey, and have any recommendations for me then please leave a comment down below. I would love to try it out. I’ll be walking you through how I style my hair when I get out of the shower in order to achieve these results.

I’ve heard a lot of Curly Hair Gurus say that you must apply your styler to soaking wet hair. Trust me when I say, I learned the hard way that this does not work for everyone. I have done it a couple times and my hair looked like a giant frizzball by the time it was fully dried. I literally could not even see my curl pattern. If styling your hair when it is soaking wet works for you, then that is great! However, know that you’re not alone if it doesn’t. Right when I come out of the shower, I like to dry my hair a bit with a microfiber towel. Only use a microfiber towel on your hair! I used to use a regular body towel, and I noticed such a big difference in frizz when I switched over. It also makes it so much easier to dry your hair after you have completed styling your hair. I don’t dry my hair all the way, I just making sure its not completely soaking wet. I also brush my hair in the shower once I have my conditioner on, that way I don’t have to brush it when I’m out of the shower. I find that this helps preserve my curl pattern.


The B’Leave-In claims to: add instant shine, volume, and plumpness to the curls. It is a lightweight gelée that contains a conditioning blend of wheat protein, lemongrass and chamomile.

This is the first product I go in with. I like to apply this to my hair first because I feel like it really does plump up my curls and gives them the extra boost that they need. I don’t take too much into my hand and I just smooth it over my hair and scrunch it in. I make sure to get my roots as well because I don’t want them to come out flat. I try not to be too heavy handed with any of the products because I don’t want to give anything a chance to weigh my hair down. This product has a super subtle scent and it doesn’t really linger after your hair has dried. The smell reminds me of sunscreen and the beach, in a good way. I have to say that this is my favorite product out of everything I use in my hair routine, because I actually notice a difference when I don’t use it. I would probably use this with any other products I test out as well.

Wave Maker

The Wave Maker claims to: give consistent waves and frizz control every time you use it. This light and airy whip, made with moringa seed and passion flower extracts will feel like there is nothing in your hair at all.

After the B’leave-In, I will smooth this product onto my hair, making sure I get a good layer on every single strand. After I make sure my hair has a nice coating of this, I’ll continue doing the same scrunching motion I did previously. Once I have applied the product all over my hair, I’ll make sure to squeeze out a little more and get it into my roots. I don’t want them to come out flat, so I distribute a bit of product for that extra volume. Make sure to get underneath your hair as well!

The texture of this product is so interesting, its like a hybrid of a mousse and a cream. It also gives my hair so much volume! I never have to worry about this weighing my hair down, as the product claims, it really is super light and airy. It smells great as well, its fresh and makes me feel like my hair is clean. The one issue I have with this product is how dry it makes my hair. Day 1 will be fine, but day 2, 3 and sometimes even 4, if I make it that far, will be super dry. I still use it because I haven’t found anything to replace it yet, plus it gives my hair such great definition and volume. I should also mention that I’ve only recently started deep conditioning, so once I start doing that regularly it might help a lot.

Ultra Defining Gel

The Ultra Defining Gel claims to: surround your curls with a non-sticky, protective curl cast that sends frizz packing and enhances your curl shape and definition. The unique formula, made with wheat and soy proteins, locks in moisture, amps up shine and helps your curls defined. 

I apply the Ultra Defining Gel last. Again, I try not to use an immense amount of this product because although it is a gel, it is pretty moisturizing and I don’t want it to weigh my hair down. I used to absolutely hate using anything that will leave my hair with any type of crunch, but this product is different. It leaves a cast on my hair which helps with the hold, and after my hair is FULLY dry, I’ll go ahead and scrunch my hair again to break the cast. I never scrunch my hair before its completely dry because it causes my hair to have way more frizz than if I were to just wait. So I’ll use the same technique when applying this to my hair, smoothing over and scrunching.

Scrunching your hair encourages and enhances the shape of your curl. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the way my hair dries if I don’t scrunch. Plus its a great way to distribute a little bit of product to the top of your head without it turning out completely flat. Once I’m done putting all of these products in my hair it’s time to scrunch even more! I flip my hair upside down and scrunch with my hands; flipping my hair this way gives me even more volume. Once I think I’ve scrunched enough with my hands, I’ll get my microfiber towel and continue scrunching. I find that scrunching my hair with the towel cuts my drying time in half, which is so beneficial to me considering I always let my hair air dry.

I try really hard not to touch my hair too much after I’ve finished the routine, but I do flip my hair from side to side every now and then. Doing this ensures the top of my hair won’t dry flat, and promotes volume as well. Let the air drying process begin!



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