Top 3 Purse Trends This Summer

Sometimes your purse can be the focal point of your outfit. It’s fun way to play around with your outfit and a great way to make a statement at the same time. This year, there have been so many new trends that have never been seen before and some are so cute! Here are my top three favorite trends that will last you throughout summertime.

Anything Straw

There are TONS of straw bags everywhere on the internet. The round circular one is one of my personal favorites, and looks good with just about anything. The basket shaped bag has also been a huge one this season, and it might even carry over into the next few seasons. There are so many, its almost endless. What makes these a great option for the summer is that they would be great beach bags as well! The straw material just gives off super summery vibes.

Beaded Bags

This is one that is totally unexpected, but so freaking cute! It’s almost like a straw bag, but completely beaded. With so many color combination options, you’re bound to find one that suits your own personal style. What I really enjoy about these bags is that they can be be super summery and remind you of having a picnic, but they can also be really edgy depending on the colors that are used.


I’m not sure how I feel about this one, but I know many people are a fan of it. The fact that someone can see what you have inside of your purse makes me a little nervous. Although I have seen a lot of people put their belongings in smaller bags, and then put those into their clear bag. If you decide to try this purse out, I recommend hiding the items in your purse in something else, you can never be too careful! Putting all of my irrational fears aside, I do think the clear bag is a look. I feel like it will look great with any outfit, being that there is no color, it could become your go to piece.


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